Spanish Courses via Skype

Learn or improve your Spanish by speaking to our teachers, who spacialise in the teaching of Spanish to foreigners

What the Spanish courses via Skype by Tía Tula are

Spanish courses via Skype from Tia Tula Spanish are taught by members of our teaching staff via Skype or by phone, as a class or individually.
They are designed for those who want to learn or improve their Spanish without leaving home. The classes are taught from Salamanca (Spanish city of reference in the world) by native teachers highly qualified in teaching Spanish to foreigners. They are also ideal to answer specific questions your may have, Spanish language exam preparation (DELE, for example), or for any situation (a work trip, interview, etc..) that may require specific and rapid preparation. And all this from the comfort of your own home!


Types of courses and their contents

There are different types of classes and the student can enroll in as many as he/she likes, depending on your needs (combining different types of class if you want):

  • Grammar lessons
  • Conversation Classes
  • Exam preparation classes in Spanish for specific examinations (A-Level, GCSE, Leaving Cert...)
  • Specific preparation classes DELE exam in Spanish (Instituto Cervantes)
  • Translation classes (translating english or portuguese to spanish)
  • Classes of any additional courses usually taught Tía Tula (some of these classes may require the student to have a minimum level of Spanish)


The classes and class material

The classes are individual and personal and are conducted via Skype or by telephone. After enrollment, the teacher and student agree the hours of the classes. Each class lasts 50 minutes.
The class material should also be defined in terms of what students can access form their location. If you need a specific material that you cannot find where you are, we can send it to you by post. Any possible shipping costs are not included in the price of tuition or classes.

Student Requirements

The courses are tailored to the level of each student - which is assessed via an online exam and Skype interview. There is no minimum knowledge of Spanish required (except in cases of certain kinds of complementary courses at a High level: Literature, History and the like).
It order to carry out the classes the student must have a Skype account (with microphone and headphones), or fixed phone line. The calls will be made from Tia Tula but the student bears any communication costs that may arise.


The student buys a package of lessons. The price per class decreases the more lessons you opt for:

Pass Price
5 lessons
10 lessons
15 lessons
20 lessons

For more than 20 lesson, the price is determined by the number of contracted hours:

  • Between 21 and 40 classes: 18€/class
  • More than 40 classes: 17€/class


Temporary offer

Forregistrations made before , a reduced rate will apply:

Pass Price
5 lessons
10 lessons
15 lessons
20 lessons


  • Between 21 and 40 classes: 17€/class
  • More than 40 classes: 16€/class


What is included in the price

Aside from the distance tutorials, the price includes:

  • Making and correcting the student's level exam
  • Correction of exercises by the student (oral or via e-mail)
  • Periodic and final evaluation
  • Course Diploma (from 10 classes)


Expiry dates of passes

The rule to calculate the expiry date of the passes is the following: If a pass has x classes, the expiry date of the pass is x+4 weeks (from the agreed start date of the course, between student and teacher). So a pass of 10 classes will expire 14 weeks from the start date. This means that all the classes from the pass must be used up within this time and at the pace that the student and the teacher agree, together they decide how the classes are distributed within the set time.


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