Why choose Tía Tula in Salamanca?

1. High quality teaching philosophy

Tía Tula is a modern center of Spanish teaching which offers an effective method of learning the language with the best qualified teachers in a warm and personalized atmosphere.
We focus on our students. Our team of professionals are extremely committed to meeting your individual needs and to ensure you fully integrate into the Spanish language and culture. Our objective is not only to teach you how to dominate the language, but that you gain an understanding of our habits and traditions, our way of thinking and living.
The method we have adopted is a balanced combination of classroom based exercises and extracurricular activities:
  • It is an intensive program using an advanced method of teaching Spanish. Work groups are kept small (10 students maximum) to ensure you gain the most out of your lessons and student participation is encouraged during the course. You will be provided with all the necessary learning material and will have access to internet, multimedia and audiovisual support.
  • The extracurricular activities run in parallel to complement classroom methodology. As part of the program you will enjoy excursions to the rest of Spain, enjoy free time and sport not only in the city but also in the countryside.
A personal touch. We want your stay to be unforgettable and to ensure this is achieved we take care of all the necessary arrangements and details. Your accommodation - we have an experienced and dedicated person whose task is to ensure that your safety, enjoyment and learning needs are met.

2. Teachers of the highest level

Our teachers have been selected on the basis of academic excellence, professionalism, and experience in teaching in order to guarantee the best results.
As part of their responsibilities the teachers of Tía Tula offer tutorials outside of class for those students who want to ask about any aspect of the course. What's more, the teachers meet regularly to keep track of their students' progress, because our objective is always the best quality of teaching.

3. Location

Tía Tula is situated in the pedestrian historical center of Salamanca: a privileged and unbeatable location. The area is filled with students and tourists, as well as surrounded by the city's historic monuments (the Cathedrals, the House of the Shells, the Palace Anaya...), the Pontifical University and the faculties of Humanities of the University of Salamanca: Literature, Translation and Languages. The famous historic façade of the University is a few meters away and the Plaza Mayor less then a 2 minute walk down the Rúa Mayor, one of the main streets of the historical centre and where we are located.

4. Facilities

The school's installations reflect our concept of teaching: smart, pleasant, welcoming and friendly ambiences for small groups (maximum of 10 students). The classrooms in the school have the charm of classic European style: the rooms are spacious, outward-facing and bright, with views to historical and monumental landmarks, with large windows balconies and antique wooden floors, and all combined harmoniously with the most modern audiovisual and resource infrastructure (a screening room to watch movies and documentaries, a computer room with connection to the Internet, free WiFi connection throughout the school...).